Thursday 22 July 2010

About Space Temple

Space Temple is a short film I worked on From November 2008 to the end of May 2010. It is my first short film since college.

It is 5 minutes 50 seconds long and is a computer animated sci-fi spoof, influenced by Star Trek, Alien, The Body Snatchers and a general diet of fantasy and B-films. Or to put it another way.....

Captain Oren Metz investigates a distress beacon deep in uncharted Space.
He discovers the mysterious Space Temple. There a tale of dark terror awaits him.

My stap line is..

Carved in pure evil, Secrets never spoken.

You can view the trailer here

Space Temple was a solo project. I created the visual elements myself using Maya and photoshop, although I did have help and support from Dave Packer particularly with particles, and other technical aspects, like aspect ratio and rendering.

For the sound I used online resources like Musopen , The Free Sound Project and FreeSFX. I did all the character voices myself, as well as some of the more basic sound effects.

Here's the complete credits list

Special Thanks to
Melanie Janz
Dave Packer
The Musopen Project

Music composed by
Modest mussorgsky
Igor Stravinsky
Richard Wagner

Music performed by
Skidmore College Orchestra
United States Marines Band

Sound effects from
The Free Sound Project

A film by
Ezra Allen

The film took 241 working days total to finish from the original idea to having a copy on DVD to submitt to film festivals. I spent 107 days on animation and 134 days on environments, lighting, particles, rendering, sound etc.

I made the film to be a show case for my skills particularly my animation and because short independant animated films have a lot to do with why I first decided I wanted to be an animator.

If you would like to know more about Space Temple you can contact me at:


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