Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Angry Mole Of Vengeance

This grumpy looking mole was a concept I did for Gusto Games, it was intended for a sequel to Goosebumps Horrorland. These mole people would be living under the theme park doing maintenance and thumping intruders. For a long time this was the most popular entry on Deranged Scratchings but has been overtaken by Ninja Post #8 Ninja animation.

Gusto didn't manage to get the contract for the second Goosebumps game and the studio was closed so the angry mole has never made it into a game although he still remains copyright to the studio.


  1. Do you mind if I use your drawing? :p it's just what i'm looking for

  2. I need a bit more detail than that in terms of what you want to use it for. You can contact me at


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