Sunday, 14 October 2012

Cyborg #3 Renders

Cyborg games character for sale
Back with project Cyborg for the presentation renders, these are done in Mental Ray with Maya. I ended up using the blue version for the signature image. I was thinking of using the green cyborg image below but I decided that the blue image was more readable. Maybe it's because the laser rifle is old news to me now. You can see that he has a nice collection of staples over his belly and some over his face too, giving him a bit of a Frankenstein's creation look. The Cyborg model is up and ready to buy on Turbosquid, if you already have the Cyber Punk the Cyborg will make a handy team mate for your project.

 I think the metal textures work very nicely in the green and it helps to make the character quite menacing and creepy. The blue version has a nice gun metal military feel to it. It seems slightly reminiscent of Robocop which I also like. I don't think my character looks much like a cop though more like Robogrunt or Roboredneck. Beered up with a laser cannon and a right hook that could cold cut a wooly mammoth, not something I would like to run into.
 Here is a back view, I was thinking of adding some animated pistons to the four circular areas between where his shoulder blades would be, but I wanted to keep the poly count fairly close to the Cyber Punk and I ran out of polygons. There are lots more polygons in this characters cyborg arms than there are in a more normal organic character. I would like to try some kind of bio-mechanical creature as I am a big fan of HR Giger and I think it would work very well as an approach in Zbrush. I have been neglecting the animation for these characters though so I am planning on getting down with some basic game set animations next.

Above are the wire frame shots, it's mostly quads. I cut out some polygons from his legs which were present in the cyber punk version of this model. The Zbrush sculpt, textures and UV map are totally redone from the cyber punk version. I just felt like I needed the practice, I think the boots worked out better but I like the trousers for the punk.

Looking around at other artists interpretations of cyborgs I've noticed a lot of what I would describe as robots. I wanted to deal more with a man machine cross and the slightly unsettling quality of the amalgam of the organic with the synthetic. I imagine that there would be all sorts of complications and new qualities  to such a creation, no longer entirely human but still very much more than machine. You might have noticed that the slots which are present in the place where a normal human characters eyes would be, on this character go very deep into what would be the characters head. I imagine the mix of machine and man with this character to go very deep all the way through to his senses, emotions and how he thinks.
Cyborg games characters in team colours available to buy
 I do like setting up the team versus scenes even though my computer struggles with them. As you can see I have again opted for the colour variants so that you can use the model in a four way battle even if you only have the cyborg to play with. Rendering one character is no problem but four at once makes my computer chug. I find it hard to go for a draft low quality version, I am good on my first render but once I've turned all the refractions reflections and fancy shiny features on I find it hard to go back to the bog standard render which would be better for my work flow.

It's that corridor again. I keep using it even though it is not a friendly render object in any way, I really should build another one that's faster to render.

So this leaves the clear question which of course is pressing on all of your minds: who would win in a fight? the Cyborg or the Cyber Punk?

Cyborg cyber punk showdown games character picture
"Hey stitches....your ugly and you smell of spark plugs"


  1. My money's on the Cyborg.

    1. Yeah I think if you shot the cyborg he might well get up, if you punched the cyborg he would probably just laugh.

  2. This cyborg was really awesome and looks cool, i can't imagine if this would be gonna sitting up beside me.. this would be fun playing with this new stuff.

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  3. Thanks Arjay I will check out your site.

  4. "Spark plugs" lol
    I'm easily entertained :)

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    keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I
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