Saturday, 2 June 2012

Low poly Laser Rifle model

 My recent project a low poly, game ready laser gun model. A good old fashioned....futuristic laser blaster. This started out as part of a demo for a client, I didn't get the job even though he told me straight mine was the best demo..... never mind his loss is Turbosquid's gain. It's also nice to get a bit of insight on your competition which doesn't happen that often when you're freelance. The laser rifle started life as part of a sprite so very low detail. I went to town on the textures in preparing it for Turbosquid, I got right into my metal textures kind of developing from what I did for the Orc Warrior  a while back.

I used the space corridor from Space Temple again seems to fit nicely for my sci-fi models. Seems my initial plan to stick to swords and sorcery style fantasy has gone out the window, I'm a fan of both sci-fi and Tolkienesque fantasy, so no big deal I guess. My library of 3d models is still very small.

I christened it the Laser Punch 33, I think of it as laser gun meets shot gun. A nice chunky reliable ray gun not the sort where if you drop it the batteries fall out. You can probably tell I'm a fan of the battered and lived with look for si-fci, I wanted to make the scratches and scuffs lend character to the rifle.

I have a character model to go with this too, but the textures still need work as they are very basic. The character mesh is actually quite nice, I built it all in one day as I was keen to get the job and when I build stuff fast, I tend to err in the favor of more polygons. I have another couple of jobs in the offing at the moment but when I get a chance it will probably be my next deranged scratching.

Below is the obligatory wire frames and UV map, I also included a colour  map only render for people who don't want to use specular or bump. You can see more detailed specs for this model by viewing the Laser Rifle page. There is also a turntable of the model there so you can get a better look.

I also did some colour variants as people seem to like this, 00Ooooooo pretty lights! I kind of like the red one best. I feel the need to say PEW PEW! Eat Laser Death! but I will refrain because that would be juvenile.


  1. Wow this is so cool. Amazing blog :)

    -The Anon Blogger

  2. Thanks glad you like it. Will keep an eye on your new blog.

  3. Cool gun pix my son wants one :)

  4. Thanks Kiki your son has excellent taste. Of course you can only own it virtually, unless you have a 3d printer.

  5. Hey man. Nice model!
    I'm making a simple 2D game for a University project (as such it won't be released commercially...or at all). Would it be possible for me to use a 2D image of this model in my game? I will give you full credit.



    Sorry Calum that's a commercial product if you want to use the image you can legitimately use it after paying $39 dollars, which I think is very reasonable (link above). These things take me time and effort to make, I need to make some money otherwise I can't keep working. Good to know you like it and thanks for commenting.


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