Thursday, 13 January 2011

Ninja Post #8 Ninja animation

 Here is the Ninja animation set so far. There are still some more animations needed, like the sword attack animations and all the hit reaction stuff. I'm considering doing some get up animations so that the Ninja can be knocked down and get back up, at the moment if he gets knocked down that's it he's dead. The clip is a quick Maya playblast not rendered. I will do a proper render when I get closer to finished.

If your wondering about the colour change it's just a variant I fancied a change so have been working with the red Ninja today there's also a green Ninja too. It's all in preparation for the Ninja war I'm still planning on putting together. I did a couple of the Knockdown/death anims to day planning on doing some more tomorrow.


  1. Good stuff, he's taking shape! Nice to see him moving too

  2. Thanks, nice to get a comment from a real life Ninja.

  3. Ex-Ninja is probably more accurate.....

  4. Yeah, spam. But, you know what? I left your comment up, while I deleted a bunch of others. Honesty pays!

    Actually, I like your animation, too. There's that.

  5. I admire your patience. I use 3D models in my art, but could never actually create them. I am in awe.

  6. Thanks, working with other people who build models gives a lot of insight. It took me quite a while to pick up.

  7. Hi :)

    Found your blog link on deviantart :)
    Nice blog! Keep it up!

    Greetings, Tim!

  8. Nice work. I spent many years in the animation "industry", but as in long-lost-art of "Traditional" (hand-drawn) animation.
    If you need any translations from Polish, let me know.

  9. Thanks Ryszard
    I trained in traditional but managed to move over to CGI for my first job (it was pretty painful to start with). Thanks for the offer I'm glad you read far enough to see the Space Temple polish conection.


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