Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Ninja Post #9 Animation Complete

My Ninja model is now complete. The file is all neat and tidy and everything is tagged and named appropriately. I've uploaded it to turbosquid and you can now buy it as a Maya file Turbosquid have approved it as game ready.
I've also been working on some new vids to show it off on U-tube. This first one shows some of the Ninja animations stitched together. You can see the new sword attacks are done now.

The second one is a more nuts and bolts affair showing a complete list of all the animations, 48 in total.

I also did a few new renders. These show the kind of Ninja war I would like to put together. I need to get some more work at the moment so this might need to go on the back burner unfortunately, unless I can squeeze some money out of it.

 I have been nosing around Turbosquid for a few days now, but just when I was ready to upload, they went and got them selves a nasty virus. It's all sorted now and you can see my model there if you click this link.

Turbosquid is one of the main places where you can buy digital models online. Everything from scantily clad ladies to heavily armoured tanks, and a fair few Ninjas an all. To that end I've been writing user guides, making help images and trying to make things as user friendly as I can.

Lastly hello to my new readers, thanks for following the blog. I can promise a varied mix of digital art, this however, may be the end of the Ninja chapter.


  1. Really nice animations!

    I'm now following your blog :D could you check mine out too?


  2. Nice work Ez, have enjoyed following the progress of this dude. Zeb must've been your biggest inspiration right? hehe

  3. Thanks Rich yeah that and Sega's Shinobi

  4. You did a great job with your movements. They feel like they have some weight to them (something that's really annoying when it's missing!) I downloaded the free version of Maya once to play with it, but never had the time to really invest in learning it. It'll be interesting to explore your blog and see more of your process. I Still hope to learn it some day. Anyway, nice job, and keep it up!

  5. I want to learn that someday you do awesome work!

  6. Thanks it is quite tough going from traditional materials to digital. I hated it to start with but it kept me in work so I guess it was worth while.

  7. Hi, I didn't know where to put this. You visited my blog and asked how I crested my art. You use Maya...I use Bryce, Vue, Poser, Terragen, assorted fractal programs and a Wacom tablet and pen. My models are all freebies that I create morphs and textures for. I think this makes my art original...I never use someone else's rendered creations. I hope this helps to answer your question.
    I still wish I could model and animate!

  8. Hi,
    Could you export this as .fbx?
    I need it for a Unity3D project, and turbosquid could not convert it for me (asked and they could not import it properly).
    You should also consider putting your work on


    1. Hi paul the Ninja model is now available as an fbx file.



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