Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Treasure Chest Low Poly Model

Just made a new low poly model. It's intended as a game asset and it's up for sale on Turbosquid like my last model. I decided to make a treasure chest as it's a common model to find in rpg's and mmorpg's like WOW and Runescape.
I started out with a sketch to get in the mood, and ended up with this.

I put a lot of work into the bump map which was fun. A bump map gives the impression of surface detail by using a greyscale texture map (an image file like a jpg or targa). The white of each pixel represents how much it sticks out from the surface and vice versa.

You can see the wire frame in that image too which I rendered into the colour channel. I've always wanted to work on an rpg but so far no luck :(
I'm planning on developing this into a Mimic which is a D&D monster, I will post up my progress here.


  1. That looks real sleek; I want to pet the wood. :3

  2. Thanks I'm working on a new version with teeth and legs now. Even more petable.


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