Thursday, 3 June 2010

Space Temple #22 the final furlong

Space Temple is now finished and is going into the festival submission stage. The first festival that Space Temple has been submitted to is the Klik! Animation festival in Amsterdam. The submission went off on Tuesday the first of June so hopefully it’s there now.

Space Temple finished in a bit of a crunch as June the first was the last possible day that it could be submitted to the Klik! Festival and, although the film was all finished on DVD and in working order, there were some technical specifications that were required for the submission, which ended up being a last minute scrabble to fulfill. Very dull stuff to do with frame order and video compression. I also got in a bit of a muddle over PPI and DPI for my stills, there seem to be a lot of conflicting opinions about this fascinating subject on the internet. It looks like this is probably going to crop up again with the other festivals, as they all seem to want slightly different specs when it comes to the submission.

 Me looking rough after getting the credits in, still plenty of work ahead when this was taken

There is still more work to do as I want to have a nice poster and trailer to go with the film. I am looking forward to putting a decent trailer up on U-Tube as at the moment it feels like a bit of an anti-climax finishing. U-Tube gives a bit more of an instant feedback. Space Temple wont screen until later this year and that’s only if it passes the submission process.

 Here is where it all took place note the cheap microphone stuck on a mop handle, used for recording the narration. Also assorted broken lamps lying under the window. I rattled these for clinky armour sound effects,... high tech stuff.

I am hoping to get it to as many festivals as possible and as far a field as it will go. Melbourne looks about the remotest location I’ve got my eye on. In the UK if all goes to plan Bristol, Canterbury, Birmingham and Bradford. I will keep the Blog up to date with festival screenings as I get the news.

Space Temple took me 241 working days to complete. 107 for the animation 134 further days till the first submission. I spent around 19 days on sound effects music editing (choosing tracks chopping them up and placing them) and voice recording for narration and characters. There were some laughable moments with me banging kitchen utensils in front of a microphone. 85 shots in total 5minutes 50 in length.

Its been a slog but it’s been very rewarding also. It took an awful lot longer than I planned but I’m glad that I saw it through to the end. I'm glad to have worked on something I'm proud of. The last step is to try to get it to as wide an audience as is possible.


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