Monday, 27 August 2012

Cyborg #1 Concept

 I have been working on some cyborg concept, these were created with my graphics tablet in photoshop. 
I wanted to throw some ideas around before I start a new 3d poly model. I may try losing the little finger from this character, that way I can use the joints I save to create animatable pistons or other mechanical gubbins for my human machine hybrid. The idea is that this model will work with the same skeleton as the cyber punk from my last entry and so be able to play the same animations and use the same props. I'm planning to keep the team colour ideas as with the cyber punk. I have stuck with just the torso arms and head being mechanized, I did consider going further but any more and I think I might as well just make a robot (I probably will at some point). I also should have a cool bit of 2d work coming up and wanted to get my drawing head on. 

 My idea of a cyborg is someone who doesn't know when to quit. A character who really should take some time out after losing some fairly important parts of himself but no, not this fella he will just head down to his local Cyber Cyborgs 'R' Us and buy some replacement parts. Something like the Black Knight from Monty 
Python's The Holy Grail but with the perks of science fiction.

 It's all gone a bit dark and twisted, I guess the Borg from Star Trek are shuffling around in my subconscious, that along with Mean Machine from 2000ad, he pretty much fits the mould for how I see a cyborg, not a character that would ever sit out a fight. There are some much older influences creeping in from things like Frankenstein and all those science gone bad cautionary tales. Also recently I bumbled onto the world of Transhumanism and the idea of septic cyborgs seems to have taken root. Apparently if you're the sort that takes a practical approach to recreating yourself as man-machine or human 2.0 a major stumbling block is making sure your body doesn't reject your up grades (yes that is as yucky as it sounds). If you fancy giving it a go there is some handy how to stuff here. I wont be trying it any time soon as I'm sure it would play havoc with my RSI.

I would be interested to know which of the three I've painted you think would win in a fight, or alternatively which one is the most pleasing from an aesthetic point of view.


  1. very cool!

    I would defo love to see the 2nd Cyborg be turned into a 3D model, he looks like he could be the jolly one of them all 8P


    1. Thanks Furita, your vote for number 2 is noted, I guess he could be clapping and singing in a jolly fashion.

  2. I think the bottom one makes most sense when it comes to strain of metal.

    1. Thanks Anders I guess number 3 is the most solid looking straight forward design.

      Cyborg#3 1 vote
      Cyborg#2 1 vote

  3. Number 2 for me x

    1. Thanks Chris looks like Cyborg#2 may make it to 3d.

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