Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Space Temple #11 teleport effect

I've been working on my teleport effect over the last few days, I still have more to do but I thought I would post up my progress. I've done so many versions of this, but I've had a fair bit of trouble with my particles.

I will probably have to come back to it as I think I need to move on with my rendering, still a lot of shots to go.


  1. (^ noticing you now..
    (^ what software you using ?
    (^ I saw a statement off strider's dark matter; (^ your nametag got me curios .
    (^ self proclaimed curmudgeons are rare.


    USeyOUReWEs !

  2. I use Maya and Photoshop,as to the nametag know thy self as they say. I model myself on Oscar from sesame street.

    Thanks for stopping by


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