Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Space Temple #12

Space Temple has been having some trouble. I did my first
full size render and it took 14 hours for my computer to
process, the shot is 3 seconds long.....this is pretty slow.
I then came up against the problem of how I was going to
get the finished render on to a DVD. I thought this would
be easy....turns out I dont have the right equipment. I am
now trying to get to the bottom of what I'm going to need,
and also thinking I'm going to need a new computer...........
not happy about this.

Oren with out texture in low poly mode

I have managed to get some new stills of shots that are set up for render, but here comes the other bad news. I have 86 shots to do and I have none at final render yet. To be finished on time mid Feb I would need to be rendering 3 shots a day as of last wednesday. Substances are hitting the fan.

To the right is the first shot I tried to take to final render. It looks nice in the still, but has bugs. When the scene runs I have flickering lights. I know how to fix this I think....bit if it's going to take 14 hours to re render finishing the film is starting to look like an ugly prospect.

Lastly here is a warning message painted on the entrance to one of the Space Temple catacombs. After the last couple of days I am guessing it should say something about render optimisation or avi conversion. Those are the current perils that the Space Temple faces, I am hoping I can overcome them.


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