Saturday, 6 February 2010

Space Temple #16

Still working away. Haven't managed to post anything for a while. It's quite hard to find stuff to post in at the moment. There's lots of stuff rendered now, but as I'm going towards the end of the film most shots have Space Temple secrets that I dont want to give away in them.

There are 17 shots left to render of the total 84, on top of that there are 16 special effects that need to be delt with. Yes the end is in sight, has been for some time but everything seems to take longer than I expect. The Space Temple pod plants take ages to put together, depth map shadows also seem to need  constant attention. There is also sound which I keep thinking I've found someone else to take over, but so far it's always fallen through. It takes me ages to go through all the details everytime I approach someone new, so I think I'm just going to try and finish the film and sort out the sound last.

I'm working on environment for the last scene at the moment, although I'm not working on the last shot yet. The shot I'm currently working has a lot of the background for the final shot in it, so I'm checking both shots at the same time. It should be the last section of background I need to do. What I might do is empty all the characters out of the shot and just post up a render when it's done.


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