Sunday, 28 February 2010

Space Temple #17

I am currently working on the last shot, that I mentioned in my last post. Except strictly speaking its the penultimate shot, which fades to space. The shot of space will be from the intro which I still have to render and I have to build an exterior shot of the Space Temple. I'm looking forward to it but hope it isn't going to take too long. I still have to render the last shot this is just a test snapshot. It's the longest shot in the film and the longest shot I've done I think at over a minute.

Still lots of things to think about, I have another name to add to the credits after a friend lent me a couple of microphones and some recording gear. I am going to need to create the title which will be some kind of one off model, and lots of special effects to do when I've done the complete render. Then there's the last hurdle of sound.

I'm also starting to realise how much I will miss the film once it's finished, I thought I'd enjoy the end game, but I'm finding it difficult to let go of shots at the moment.

I hope to post up the exterior shots of the Space Temple in the next post once I'm done with this massive render.


  1. Looking really good Ezra

  2. Thanks, funny I was just checking out your new vid last night. The music vid one, nice work.


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