Sunday, 7 March 2010

Space Temple #19

Finaly here is the corridor on the space ship, yes it looks dead simple doesn't it but its been driving me up the wall. I've been trying to sort out some animated textures to make some flashing lights. I thought I could remember how to do it but So I had to use the help files and do they cover it properly NO THEY BLOODY DONT! they kind of give you a general idea of what might work.....but it doesn't. So I had to resort to trial and error. If I hadn't seen it working in the past I might have given up, but finaly success (the little red lights on the doors now flash when the doors open and close). Now I need to import in the characters and get a render going. I may post up the animated shot when it's done, I'm thinking it will probably go in the trailer. So either that or it will be the promised Space Temple exterior. Thanks to everyone who checks in on the blog it's great to know people are interested in the film.


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