Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Space Temple #20

Here's the Space Temple! as seen from space. This is shot #1 and I've got a render of it. It's almost there need a few more details on the planets (can't really see them in this bit the first shot is a big camera move round space)
That corridor was a right pain in the Harris. The reflections crashed the render so many times before, I finaly understood what was going on. I had to turn the motion blur off, and then it behaved itself. By the time I'd figured it out I'd optimised the crap out of the scene. It went from being 1minute 40 per frame to 20 seconds.

So post 20 I thought I'd done much more than that on Space Temple. I'm three shots away from having the basic render complete. Today I will be fixing up shot 1 there's some shadow flicker to remove and details to add. The next post will hopefully be the title. I started trying to put something together yesterday, trouble is I've never liked typography much, seems like how deadly dull people pretend to be artists. Ah well best be at it!


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