Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Space Temple #21

Titles time! this is a mock up but pretty close to what I ended up using. There are a few letters missing from the type set and there is no lower case but I intend to make use of this font having made it from scratch.

I've also been working on a 2d version of Oren. It was quite fun to do, but time consuming. It works like a cut out animation, like South Park. The different body parts are on different layers and you can postition them.
I'm working through what I've dubbed special effects at the moment. It's all the stuff that will need to be composited like the teleport effect. At the moment I'm working on the scanner screen. There's some liquid effects to do as well, liquid is quite hard to do for cg animation so I hope I dont get too much of a bumpy ride.



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