Friday, 9 September 2011

Chest Mimic #5 Animation Set Complete

I finished the Chest Mimic. It’s my second low poly games character for Turbo Squid and it comes with a full games animation set. The demo video is below (above the animation list).

Turbo Squid now require a render with a back ground so I made use of a certain temple Temple. Here are a couple more renders I did for the product page.

The render was a real ball ache for the demo vid, I used ray trace which is much slower than my usual depth map method. One of the renders took around nine hours and I also cleverly overwrote and had to do it twice. Not fun!

The good news is it looks peachy and you get to see all the animations! I think the animations worked really well on this character.

Here’s the complete animation list, I added a few thing since the last post.

20 to 49            Chest Mimic Walk Cycle       
60 to 92            ‘Chest Mimic Run Cycle       
110 to 136        Chest Mimic Chest To Mimic       
150 to 209        Chest Mimic Idle           
240 to 264        Chest Mimic Attack One       
290 to 320        Chest Mimic Attack Two       
350 to 374        Chest Mimic Attack Three       
400 to 465        Chest Mimic Death One       
490 to 580         Chest Mimic Death Two        
590 to 600        Chest Mimic Turn On Spot Left  
620 to 630         Chest Mimic Turn On Spot Right  
650 20 665        Chest Mimic Dodge          
680 to 690        Chest Mimic Fall          
700 to 710        Chest Mimic Land          
720 to 730        Chest Mimic Hit Reactions Front  
750 to 760        Chest Mimic Hit Reaction Left   
780 to 790        Chest Mimic Hit Reaction Right  
810 to 815        Chest Mimic small hit reaction Front
820 to 825        Chest Mimic small hit reaction Left
830 to 835        Chest Mimic small hit reaction Right
860 to 940        Chest Mimic Incidental
940 to 950        Chest Mimic Mimic to Chest
950 to 980        Chest Mimic Chest Form

Attack One also works as a jump, games characters have to have a jumping attack it’s the law.

As with the last games character I did (the Ninja) this model ticks all the boxes for game ready, a one piece clean mesh, zeroed, low poly and bind pose included. With these models I basically just build them to the same specs I did when I was working for games studios, in fact if anything they  are higher quality because I can spend more time on them.

Here's a link to the model on Turbo Squid.


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