Friday, 8 July 2011

Chest Mimic #4 Bite and Run!

Here's an update on the Chest Mimic, I've done an animation for the initial reveal when an unwary adventurer goes to the chest hoping for well deserved potions gold and epic trinkets, only to discover many more teeth than he had bargained on.

I've been thinking on what animations the Chest Mimic will need and here is my list so far:
 Animation List Chest Mimic

20 to 49        Walk Cycle     Done
60 to 95        Run Cycle     Done
110 to 136        Chest To Mimic     Done

9Attack One
8Attack Two
7Attack Three
6Death One
5Death Two
3Turn On Spot Left
2Turn On Spot Right

I'm not sure whether to add a jump to this list. This would be so the Mimic would not be left behind if it's prey were to jump to safety leaving the Mimic marooned. It could work for game design as a way to ditch the pesky Mimic, but maybe I should give the option for the Mimic to jump. If I do a jump a fall animation will be needed too.

I'm still freelancing on another project so Mimic updates are likely to be sporadic. I have permission to post a couple of characters from the freelance work on my blog I just haven't got round to it yet.


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