Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Orc Warrior #6 animation complete

I've completed the animation set for the Orc Warrior model and he is now available to buy on TurboSquid. The renders are from the product page and there is also a 360 revolve of the Orc model on the TurboSquid product page. I think he looks down right Orcy and fulfills all agenda necessary to be counted a thoroughbred green-skin. He now has a full set of animation brimming with "Orcy know whats" and low brow aplomb.

It's been a fun model to work on. I've learned more about texturing from the Orc and I'm happy with how he turned out. I always prefer to animate characters who have some character and for some reason, I prefer lumbering brutes to more agile, graceful characters. I put a combo attack on The Orc which was fun to do. There's a mildly Street Fighter-esque twist which you might spot, something a bit more Blanka would probably have been more appropriate.

I have to admit I always wanted to build an Orc, I used to draw them in the back of my school exercise books instead of doing any work. I thought working in the games industry it was bound to come up at some point, but in the end I had to take things into my own hands......ho hum mission accomplished, better late than never.

I put together a complete list of the animations shown from the Maya work window, very much a case of what you see is what you get (Maya is the program I built the Orc in). Rendering the animations with proper lighting, motion blur etc will give much better results but I wanted to show that this model will run very well in real time. This is down to the low poly count. There are 47 animations total which makes the Orc Warrior a good solid games character with plenty of scope.

Maybe a project for the future will be Orc versus Ninja with a nice polished render.

 List of animations as shown in the clip:

20-56           Orc Warrior Walk
70-109         Orc Warrior Combat Idle
120-148       Orc Warrior Run
160-190       Orc Warrior Attack 1 Heavy Overhead Strike
200-231       Orc Warrior Attack 2 Heavy Cross Slash
240-266       Orc Warrior Attack 3 Shield Charge
280-313       Orc Warrior Death 1
330-353       Orc Warrior Death 2
360-379       Orc Warrior Strafe Right
400-419       Orc Warrior Strafe Left
430-454       Orc Warrior Jump forwards
480-503       Orc Warrior Dodge Right
520-543       Orc Warrior Dodge Left
560-569       Orc Warrior Fall
600-610       Orc Warrior Land
620-625       Orc Warrior Shield Up
630-635       Orc Warrior Shield Idle
640-645       Orc Warrior Shield Hit Block
650-658       Orc Warrior Shield Down
670-675       Orc Warrior Small Hit Reaction Front
680-685       Orc Warrior Small Hit Reaction Left
690-695       Orc Warrior Small Hit Reaction Right
700-705       Orc Warrior Small Hit Reaction Back
710-715       Orc Warrior Small Hit Reaction Mid
730-740       Orc Warrior Big Hit Reaction Front
750-760       Orc Warrior Big Hit Reaction Left
770-780       Orc Warrior Big Hit Reaction Right
790-800       Orc Warrior Big Hit Reaction Back
810-820       Orc Warrior Big Hit Reaction Mid
830-859       Orc Warrior Combat Walk Forward
920-949       Orc Warrior Combat Walk Back
970-980       Orc Warrior Combat Turn On Spot Left
990-1000     Orc Warrior Combat Turn On Spot Right
1020-1080   Orc Warrior Guard Stance 2
1080-1110    Orc Warrior Guard Stance 2 to Guard Stance 1
1110-1170    Orc Warrior Guard Stance 1
1170-1200    Orc Warrior Guard Stance 1 to Guard Stance 2
1220-1270     Orc Warrior Taunt/Roar
1280-1312     Orc Warrior Attack 4 Upwards Strike
1320-1350     Orc Warrior Attack 5 downwards chop
1370-1410    Orc Warrior  2 hit combo
1430-1485     Orc Warrior  3 hit combo
1500-1530     Orc Warrior Combat Stance To Guard 1
1540-1555     Orc Warrior Guard Turn On Spot Left
1570-1585     Orc Warrior Guard Turn On Spot Right
1590-1597    Orc Warrior Into Combat Stance
1610-1634    Orc Warrior Jump On Spot

For more details and specs for this model please visit the Orc Warrior product page.

So..........what to do next? well I've been thinking it's about time my short film Space Temple went online, so it will shortly be arriving here.


  1. hey nice work on those animations! the whole package looks really great


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