Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sorceress character model #1 concept

For my next character model I'm thinking along the lines of a witch or Sorceress. I quite like the idea of getting some sort of poly based magic effects working. Seeing as I haven't made any female characters for TurboSquid I thought I might give it a go. There are all ready quite a few wizards although that might be another fun project for the future.

I'm not sure J.K. Rowling would approve of my Witch, probably not a good look for Helga Hufflepuff. More what Wonder Woman would look like if she turned to the dark side, but with out the handcuffs and rope for tying people up (Wonder Woman going to the dark side would probably be worth taking seriously). There's something of a Flash Gordon look to her too, although I could probably push the shoulder pads further.

I've done the concept sketch monochrome just to get quick idea of the model. I'm thinking for the colours deep purples and reds, or maybe a liquorish green similar to Aragorn in Peter Jackson's version of Lord of the Rings.

For the metals (choker and shoulder pads) I'm currently thinking a kind of a ghostly light silver and the skin tones also very pale verging on the blue or green. Not sure about the cloak, it would be a proper pain to animate and set up, on the other hand it will look cool. What do you reckon is this something you would like to see me put together? if so please press the like or +1 button and I will know to get my polygons on.


  1. Snazzy! I think the cloak would be worth the effort. And I agree about the shoulder pads; go big or go home!

  2. There's a word I haven't herd for a while. Snazzy is due a revival I reckon. Well my graphics tablet just died after 3 years hard service so it's going to take me a while to build an extension on those shoulder pads.

    I just blew 300 on a new Intuos4. My old tablet will get a commemorative photo and I will say a few words for it in my next post.


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