Monday, 12 March 2012

Sorceress character model #2 concept

Back with the Sorceress and I've added some colour. There's a bit of a feathers and scales theme at the moment and I kept the stripey tights and boots. The cloak will need to be less chaotic and stiffer for a games
character with a limited number of joints to give the effect of cloth. I might lean more towards a Batfink direction with the cloak if I make this one (my wings are like a shield of steel!)

To the left is my initial sketch that I built this painting up from, I moved the arms, shoulders and neck around a good deal while I was painting the Sorceress, but I've not gone too far from the initial drawing. It's also pretty close to the monochrome version I did in my last post. Perhaps my inner witch is set in her ways.

She is quite a big boned magic user. I bet Witches don't eat special K, I figure them for more of a chocolate eclairs with rum diet.

 In other news my tablet died while I was painting the Sorceress. It had been going for months but eventually just became unusable. For ages it had been suffering from a loose connection which meant I had to shake the pen to get it to work, reminded me of when I used to work with a rotring ink pen. It seemed like a very old tablet, the pen was battery operated and the design made it look kind of 80s. Still after over 3 years service to me I think it deserves  an honorary mention and photo for the blog. I did all the textures and painting shown on Deranged Scratchings using this old thing some of the better examples would be Digital Desperado and The Nine Dragons.

Note elastic band holding case together on pen.
 Farewell old tablet 2008-2012...... not sure whether to bury it in the garden now.

I finished up the Sorceress on my new tablet which is a swanky brand new Intuos4. I read good thing about it and I'm pretty happy with it so far.


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