Friday, 29 October 2010

Ninja Post #5

My ninja is ready for animation. It was more tricky than i expected, I had quite a lot of trouble setting it up so that the ninja can take out his sword and have both arms follow the sword and then put it back in the scabbard and have it attach to that, and function as normal.

It involved a technique called space switching or dynamic parenting which was horribly technical and after quite a lot of time spent I came to the conclusion I could'nt get it to work with out using scripts. I need to avoid scripts so I ended up cheating. Now the ninja has two swords one in the scabbard and one in his hand and I just swap between them. I did a quick test but it's too ugly to put up here. Once I've spent the time to make a nice animation of it I'll post it up. In the meantime here's a clip showing the model skinned and rigged doing an idle animation.

Also I've been doing some research looking at somersaults, backflips and martial arts. I put in "ninja moves" as a U-Tube search and found this top clip.


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